Friday, February 22, 2013

Special Needs Parenting and Working

As a working mother, one question that I get a lot is..."How do you get it all in?".  The answer to that questions is simple.  I have amazing support.  My family and job are amazing.  Emmalin is able to come to work with me which is such a blessing.  I am married to such an amazing man and our other children are incredible.  We have great medical support and even better support from therapist. 

Early on we were on the go a lot because of doctor appointments.  So immediately I knew that Emma's therapy items would have to be mobile.  In 20 months I have perfected what works for us.  Now I can do therapy any time of the day.  Even while waiting for my gas tank to fill up.  Below is a check list of what we try to get in each day.  The program is a combination of what I want to do plus her ND program with NACD.  Now some days we get it all in, some days only half and some days none.  I use to put a lot of pressure on myself to get it all in but quickly realized that if it is a lot for me, imagine how hard it is for Emma.  Also, when you have 7 therapy sessions a week and a 2-3 hour nap each day, work plus travel time, dinner to cook, clothes and dishes to wash and other children that need help with homework and baths, time tends to be a problem.  Our theory...some is better than none.

Now I have blacked out Emma's specific program items.  Her program is designed for her specifically from NACD and us.  I check off the items as I do them.  Some things we do 2-4 times a day.  Some as many as possible and some only once, again all specific to Emma.

Computer for BrillKids programs and IPad for apps.

Oral Motor Therapy

Receptive language

Animals and sounds


Sensory, books and more receptive/expressive language

Everything in one nice neat place.  This bag is the tote from
Amazing how much this bag can hold.

Emma at work!  My desk is somewhere in here I promise.

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