Thursday, February 7, 2013

Emma's Reading Video

Just to help everyone understand the importance of what we are doing.  Robin and I both work with NACD, Brillkids, flashcards, videos and we read 10-20 books a day to our kids.  Reading is so important  and just like our 3 year olds and my 12 year old we will encourage reading every day.  We started really hitting the flashcards with Emma about 3 months ago and this is where we are.  We do them 3-4 times a day and it takes less than 2 minutes.  I too am so proud and just want parents to understand that you can never start too early. During the video you will see Emma stand up and sit down.  We are working on building her leg muscles in preporation of walking.  The only way I can get Emma to do this exercise is a Veggie Straw. ENJOY!

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