Sunday, April 15, 2018

A special needs bed option

Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right bed for your child with different needs.   I wanted something low to the ground, since Presley tends to roll all around the bed at night.   Side rails are an option, but I still couldn't find a bed I thought was right.  Next, I wanted all the corners rounded.  This was very difficult to find.  The beds I found with cushioned headboards or footboards barely had any padding over the sharp corners, it was more for looks.   Lastly, it needed to be cute enough that both of my girls would choose it over my bed.   

I found some great Montessori beds that met my criteria, but found them expensive or not sturdy enough.   I checked locally and it would be $1000 to have them made and still unpainted.  This price gained my husband interest to make them himself.  We were able to build both of these bed frames for under $200, which included the paint too.  He built them in a few hours, and I spent a few hours sanding all the corners and two coats of paint.    Add some pretty bedding, flowers, ivy, fairy lights, rugs, and a lamp and they love it!

I thought perhaps this might be a good option for children with different needs or little ones who are crawling out of the crib, but not ready for a big bed.   PS.  My husband is considering making these if there is enough interest. 

Here is what the frame looks like by itself.  We did not have plans for it,  my husband is pretty talented at building things, so came up with his own plans.   I have seen some plans for sale on Etsy though.
Some other fun ideas I considered from this page on Etsy .
Montessori wood house bed crib with removable railing and drawers
Twin Reading Nook Bed
Montessori bed with removable railing, house bed design, BASIC + removable railing (all sides), DOUBLE, QUEEN, 135/140 x 190/200
Blessings and good luck in your search!