Saturday, February 2, 2013

Presley reading at 19 months old

Here are videos of Presley reading this past weekend.  She is 19 months old.  She recently had her speech evaluation and showed zero deficents in receptive language.  See below to learn what we are doing to help teach her!
Via You Tube if you can not click on the above link:
1.  We use NACD (National Association of Child Development)  She began on the program at 6 months old.  We drive to Dallas from Little Rock every 3 months for re-evaluation.  It costs over $900 for the initial evaluation, then approximately $230 per month.  We feel it is worth every penny!  Our program does more in one day than any therapist could accomplish in a week with Presley.  The program details exactly how to do flashcards, videos, and photo cards.  It shows you how to teach your child.  The program does more than teach though, it shows you how to do PT, OT, DT, and ST for your child so you are able to help your child each day.  Go to their website and check out their video.
2.  I used the Your Baby Can Read series with my first daughter Payton also.  She is 3 years old now and can read anything you put in front of her.  Initially it is like learning sight words, and the comprehension develops with use and repetition.  If you have ever used the Rosetta Stone for Spanish or another language development, then you will recognize that the method is exactly the same.  Repetition, repetition, repetition!  I use the flashcards that slide out to show the pictures.  Presley was only allowed to watch the YBCR videos when she was younger, and she still loves them.  I also vary up her routine with the lift the flap books, but she likes to hold them and pull on the pages so we only use once or twice a week.  It really is an effective program.
3.  Brillkids.  This is a computer program that takes about 5 minutes twice a day.  It shows the word "horse" then shows a picture of the horse and repeats the word, then shows a video of the horse running and repeats the word again.  It gives you an entire year of daily sessions.  You just simply advance each day or repeat the same day if you want to reinforce, but the same words carry over several days.  You can email Brillkids and provide proof of your child's disability and your proof of income and that will give you a code for 50-100% off of one of their products.  We purchased the big package which included the Little Math also.
4.  I have many items around my house labeled with large words, such as door, window, TV, books, radio.  I also have "take a bath", "go outside, bye bye" and "go to sleep, night night" in appropriate areas as well.  We help her to take notice of these words daily.  Of course she is at the age she just wants to rip them off, so I recommend lots of tape. 
5.  Flashcards.  I purchased flashcards and have made lots of my own.  Some have words on them and some just the picture.  You spend approximately 1-3 seconds on each card then move to the next.  We only spend about 2 minutes a session so we quit before she becomes bored with it.
6.  Books, books, and more books!  You simply can not read enough to your child.  It opens up a wonderful new world to them.  Whether you just point to the pictures and talk about them or go over simple words, just sitting down with your child and reading will help foster a great love of words and reading.

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  1. Way to go Presley! Another early reader! I love to hear stories like this.
    Our little guy is an early reader too, but we did not start working with him until he was about 23 months and he read at 32 months. We too used multiple programs but our goal was to help with speech (early reading was just a bonus). We used Signing Time, Your Baby Can Read, See and Learn, flashcards and of course lots of quality books.

    It just goes to show that we should not underestimate what our kids can do! Give them opportunities to learn and let them shine!
    Keep up the great work Mom!