Saturday, February 16, 2013

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) - You will want it to try it.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is an amazing substance that is already part of our body.  This video gives a great presentation of how it is necessary to function.  The presenter is 85 years old and is from the company Body Bio, which makes a product called BodyBio PC.  He states there are only 3 brands of PC that do not contain oil, I will post a picture from my screen of those products.  He also shows numerous brands whose products contain oil, which render the product useless.  He will explain why during the presentation.  Although the video is somewhat lengthy (19 minutes), it is worth watching.  I found it fascinating, especially since this is something we added to Presley's afternoon smoothie a few weeks ago.  Currently we are giving 2.5 cc and will work our way up to the recommended dose of 5cc (1 tsp) very soon.  If you purchase this product, I would suggest you contact the company to be certain it is actually available, since Tricia and I went through several companies that charged our credit card, but after waiting a month each time we found out they did not have the product in stock.  You can purchase through BodyBio or amazon. It is not cheap, but you use such a small amount, one bottle will last awhile.   Blessings, Robin

Here is the video:

Amazon link to product:

These are the products who do not use oil in their products, which make it effective:
BodyBio PC, Xymogen, and Nutrasal Phoschol

Products not to use because they contain oil.  

As always, I like to reference Andi Durkin's page, she does so much research that helps us all.  Thanks Andi!

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