Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Promise...

In honor of our daughter on her 1st birthday we dedicate this website to her for taking us on this amazing journey.  This is our contribution to our new family of special friends and children.

To our daughter:
I promise to always love you, keep you safe and hold you tight,
for you are a tiny miracle, so precious in my sight.
I promise I will smile with pride, at the "firsts" in life you do,
from your first steps, to your first tooth, to your first day of school.
I promise I will teach you, what is important in this life,
to love one another, and to always do what's right.
I promise to be an example, as I am raising you,
so you will see that what I say, is exactly what I do.
I promise I will take the time, just for you and me,
to count the stars in the sky, and build castles by the sea.
I promise I will visit, your teachers at your school,
attend your special programs, and be proud of all you do.
I promise I will help you, improve your homework scores,
and hang all your beautiful pictures on the refrigerator door.
I promise I will meet your friends, and watch you play and run,
have special birthday parties, and count memories one by one.
I promise when you're a teenager, I will try to understand,
when you wear a different hairstyle or follow the latest trend.
I promise life's not easy, it's sometimes hard to make it through,
but I promise you, I will be there to do what I can do.
I promise when you're all grown up, I will look back, and say,
"dear precious little child of did the time slip away."

Written by Judith Bulock Morse

Happy Birthday and We Love You,
Mom and Dad

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