Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breathing Control App

Dan Zoeller has a four year old son, Bear who has Down syndrome and he has actually done very well in all of his different therapies to this point in his life. He has really taken off as far as his physical development in the past year. He's running all over the place now! :)

One area that he has struggled with a little is his speech; particularly when it comes to controlling his breathing. I'm sure some of you know what Mr. Zoeller is talking about - he uses all of his breath in the first syllable of what he is trying to say. Mr. Zoeller asked his speech pathologist (Luanne Devries) if there were any iPad apps that could help with this but to his surprise there weren't any good ones that she could recommend. Being that he is a software developer, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create an app that would help his son with this part of his speech therapy.

Luanne and Mr. Zoeller formed an LLC and created an app called - Hot Air: Breath Control, which I'm proud to say is available in the AppStore as of today! Mr. Zoeller says he is particularly proud of it because the app has made a noticeable difference in Bear's breath control over the past couple of months and he is now attempting to make longer sentences! He couldn't be happier! All this time Bear had so much to say and just couldn't get it out :)

To see what the app has to offer, you can visit

Apple has given Mr. Zoeller a bunch of promo codes that he can do what he chooses with and he wanted to offer some of them to the DADS group since it has been such a great resource for him. If you would like a free copy of the app, send an e-mail to and he will gladly send you a promo code if still available.

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