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2014 Scholarship Application

2014 Scholarship Application

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NACD provides neurodevelopmental evaluations and individualized programs for children and adults, updated on a quarterly basis. As a family-centered organization, NACD stresses parent training and parent implementation of the program. NACD is an eclectic organization, gathering and utilizing the newest strategies that yield success and incorporating them into programs custom-designed for each client. Support is provided to families through video reviews, e-mail and telephone sessions. Through frequent contact with staff and other families, parents are well-informed and well-educated in relationship to their child’s progress. NACD chapters can be found across the United States. International services are provided through videotaping and phone conferences.

NACD Mission

The NACD Foundation is an international organization that exists to create, gather, evaluate, and disseminate information and procedures relative to human development.

The mission of The Foundation is to educate parents and communities in order to create a better understanding of human development; provide financial support to families who want to help their children achieve their innate potential; and support the efforts of the National Association for Child Development in continuing to research and create new methodologies to further the field of human development.

The vision of The Foundation is to help the children and thereby change the world.

I could speak endlessly regarding why we love NACD and how much we believe in what they are doing for our kids.  I feel there is only one man that can say it all best with such grace and understanding in less than an hour.  Please watch this series Bob Doman put together regarding Down syndrome.

2:07 minutes

6:22 minutes

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Precious Baby Application

NACD Application

*  Scholarships will be accepted on children 18 and under.