Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shoe cobbler for wedges

If shoe wedges have been recommended for your child, but you can not find a local shoe cobbler, then this may help you.  Presley needed to have wedges applied to the outside sole of her shoe to counteract the underdeveloped arch which was causing overpronation or rolling inward of her feet.  This was recommended instead of orthotic inserts, because inserts provide a "fake arch" and do not allow the arch to continue to develop  (unlike a fallen arch on an adult).  The wedges, however, provide proper alignment of the feet, ankles, and legs while continuing to allow the arch to strengthen and develop. 

Our local shoe cobbler said he would like to help our local DS community.  The cost is $15 per pair of shoes plus S&H.  If you send multiple pairs totaling $60, then they will pay the shipping back to you.  The shoes must be real rubber or leather.  No plastic shoes.  The best shoes have a straight shape on the bottom, like a stability or motion control tennis shoe. 

I get absolutely nothing from posting about this nice shoe shop.  I just know it is sometimes difficult to find a reliable business to work with.  I have had three pairs done already, and Tricia has had two.  We have had no problems with their workmanship.  

Charlie's Shoe Repair, LLC
Keith & Sandy Martin Owners
3301 East Kiehl Ave, Suite 7
Sherwood, Arkansas, USA 72120
(501) 835-4386

One Pair - $15 plus S&H
Multiple pairs totaling $60 or more, they will pay return shipping

Many blessings,
Robin Tolliver


  1. Thanks so for sharing this. I will looking into it specially now that we will be getting new shoes for my boy.

  2. Is there tread on the bottom of the wedge? If not, does it seem to cause a problem of slipping at all?

    1. There is no tread but we have never had that cause any problems.