Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fighting The Flu

Life here in Arkansas seems to be a constant battle with allergies.  Add Down syndrome congestion to the mix and welcome the perfect storm.  Ever since Christmas Emmalin has fought and fought with her allergies.  Staying on top of it was priority with flu season coming to its peak.  I needed her immune system at 100%.  After fighting it for over a month the flu finally got a hold of her.

Now before I get started I know that we all have her own views regarding vaccinations.  I make my decisions based on the information that I have researched and the genetic makeup of each one of my children.  Because of Emmalin's genetic makeup and her bodies inability to methylate properly I choose not to give her the flu vaccination.

For this very reason, it is my responsibility as her mother to take the extra steps to protect her.  Over the past two months we have visited with her ENT, PCP, Chiropractor and Cranial Sacral Therapist to give her body all the tools to stay healthy.  Last Friday I knew that something was different though.  When I changed her diaper I noticed that her skin was mottled, she was a little warm and irritable.  Now this may happen from time to time, especially on Friday after a long week of therapy but today was different.  I listened to "mommy instinct" and went to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  I knew it would be the quickest way to get the best assessment of what was going on.  Within an hour Emmalin was diagnosed with Flu A....this mother was very sad and immediately asked God to guide me through her healing process.  I quickly turned to people I trusted for guidance, together we successfully got Emmalin healthy very quickly.

Below is what worked for us.

1.  Turned on the humidifiers in the house.  Confined Emma to the upstairs bonus room with the cool mist humidifier going.  I added 4-5 drops of Lugol's Solution of Iodine 2%.   This will kill anything in the air.  You want a clean environment add this too it.

2.  Everyone in the house got Elderberry Syrup every 2-3 hours. 
3.  Thieves in the diffuser.
4.  Pushed the Potato Peel Broth every thirty minutes. 
5.  Started Emmalin on Tamaflu.
6.  Essential oils:  I used Sacred Frankincense on soft spots, down the spine and on the bottom of the feet.  Eucalyptus on the chest and lavender on the face around sinus area.  All of the oils were combined with coconut oil.
7.  Used a bulb to suck out any mucus and sprayed saline in the nose.
Day one:
The first part of the night was hard for Emma.  She refused to eat or drink.  I used a syringe to get broth down her.  We did everything above and I was prepared for a long night.  The only part of the equation that I did not have yet was the Frankincense.  Dear friend Jessica brought this to me and within 20 minutes of application Emmalin was a completely different kids.  I would not have believed it had I not seen it.  Before applying she was so lifeless and soon after she was standing on the chair jumping up and down.
I reapplied oils one last time before bed and she slept through the night comfortably.  I kept the cool mist humidifier/iodine drops in her room all night.
Day two:
I will let you be the judge!
I continued with what we where doing.  Her hair was greasy from the oils but she sure did smell good. 
Day three:
Here she is that afternoon after a nice bath.  I continued with everything else for the next couple of days except oil on scalp.
The rest of us continued with Elderberry.
Our success with this was based on so many things.  Acting quickly and using everything I knew of to get her through it was key.  What was it that did it...who knows, but I can assure you this will be our future plan of attack.
Also, thanks Jessica and Robin for helping me help her.
For more information regarding essential oils.

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