Thursday, December 6, 2012

Straw therapy

Tricia and I began our girls on straw therapy last month shortly after they turned 17 months old.  They were both already proficient in straw drinking before they were one year old.  We read many blogs and noticed that many of the children who had good speech and appropriate oral motor tone had utilized straw therapy, so we are giving it a try.  Currently, we are only a few weeks into it and on straw number 2.  I have emailed Talk Tools to clarify how long do we stay on one straw if we have good lip rounding and closure with no leaking already.  I have read one week is the minimum.   Also, do we continue the straw hierarchy in order or progress quicker to the more difficult straws?  We will update as we learn more.  Please feel free to add your experience or opinon about straw therapy.

Straw kit:

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Article by Sara Rosenfeld Johnson:

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