Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Famous people with family members with Down Syndrome

Sarah Palin (former governor Alaska) – son name Trig
John C. McGinley (actor, Dr Cox from Scrubs) – son named Max
Jamie Foxx (actor/comedian) – sister DeOndra
Dale Evans and Roy Rogers – only biological daughter Robin
Albert Pujols (St Louis Cardinals) - daughter named Isabella
Cathy McMorris Rogers (US Representative) – son named Cole
Pete Sessions (Congressman) – son named Alex
Gene Stallings (former Univ of Alabama coach) – son Johnny
Joe Diffie (country singer) – son named Tyler
(not pictured)


  1. Thanks for posting! I was just wondering about this.

    1. You're very welcome. When Presley was born, I found it comforting to know what a large DS family there was out there and found these names.

  2. The new coach for the Washington Capitals has a child with Down Syndrome. :)

  3. Country duo Joey & Rory have a baby girl who is a few months old with DS. Her name is Indiana. They have been really open about their new journey. This is Joey's first baby and Rory has others from his previous relationship(s).

  4. this is so cool for celebrities having children with down syndrome.

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  6. I am a big fan of yours could you possibly share this song I did for my daughter with DS. Thanks so much.