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New Cancer diagnosis

Some resources after you or a family member receive a cancer diagnosis.    Educate yourself.  Ask lots of questions.  Discuss everything with your doctor.  Implement what you feel is right.  Trust your instinct.   Above all support your body with hydration, rest, nutrition, detox, and regular bowel movements.  Nothing on this page should go against what your doctors are trying to achieve, instead it should complement and support your journey.

If your child has been diagnosed with cancer, please read this post first: New diagnosis leukemia: how family and friends can help
For my friend Serena, fellow warrior mom, who visits and supports so many families at Arkansas Children's Hospital after spending a lengthy amount of time there with her daughter.   She is the first to make sure parents know some of the basics helpful websites such as these
 Kick cancer movement - register for the free kit of natural products to support your child through this journey.  You will pay for shipping of $9.95.  One of the many products is worth more than that. 

NEGU (Never Ever Give Up)  - sign up for Joy Jars to be sent monthly and typically some extra surprises throughout the year for your child and siblings.  It has fun little toys that bring smiles to children every time they get one in the mail.  The hospital should have the first jar there for you. 

Strong Little Souls - will send care packages to child and siblings

Hopecam - supplies children with a tablet, chromebook, or IPAD for free. 

Healios - you will receive a container of Healios for the cost of shipping only at $14.99  for a child with a cancer diagnosis.  This is extremely helpful for mouth/gastrointestinal ulcers that commonly occur with chemotherapy.   I recommend getting this and having it before you need it.  Our doctors support using in, please discuss with your doctor. 

Sara's Smiles  - provides art supplies to allow the children to express themselves.  You can also ask your social worker for them. Request a kit to be sent.

Lost Cabins of Petit Jean in Arkansas  The owner Mark hosts a free weekend retreat just for families dealing with childhood cancer.  He does this once a year and provides some of the meals.   You have to call and be placed on his list.  It was a wonderful experience to get together with other families while staying in the beautiful cabins. 

Make A Wish  - a wonderful organization that provides a child's wish.  For us, they gave my daughter a camper so we could travel and remain isolated since our treatment was over 2 years.  You should contact them early since sometimes it takes awhile to get to you.  

Roc Solid Foundation - incredible organization that will provide you with a "ready bag" if your hospital does not have one.  These bags contain everything you need for a quick hospital stay or long days at the clinic that includes a tablet, charging cords, blankets, and more. .   They also will send your child (under 10 years old) a free playground playset.  See website for details and contact them as soon as possible to get these items. 
 Princess Nora's Warriors - request information, prayers, or assistance. Out of Hot Springs, AR.


The rest of this blog is my personal opinion of websites and books that I found helpful.

Books to read: (amazon or

               Metabolic Approach to Cancer - recommended to me by a Dr, I found it very interesting.  Helps you analyze your terrain and where improvements could be made.   A great book to start with.  Author Dr Nasha Winters has numerous youtube videos discussing.

                Keto for Cancer - we had genetic testing done (Nutritional Genome -see below), which determined keto was not an option for us, but many have recommended it for cancer.   We chose to support with extreme nutrition as much as possible.

                Chris Beat Cancer - good nutritional advice in this book for the entire family.   He beat cancer in his 20's and dedicates his time to educating others.  Easy to follow and implement.  Focuses on high antioxidant anti-inflammatory nutrition.

                Max Lucado's workbook Experiencing the Heart of Jesus.  This was sent by a sweet friend who knew what I needed before I did.  Find an outlet that nourishes your soul and focuses on the positive.  I was given a small notebook to write down my blessings each day, instead I used it write bible verses about healing, faith, miracles, or encouraging words that helped me.

                 Naturpathic Oncology -  this book was recommended to me.  If you give supplements, you can check to see if they are helpful or harmful for the current treatment they are receiving AND always discuss with your doctor.  You can also look up recommended supplements for various cancer diagnoses.



The Stern Method - a family whose son had cancer.   They cleaned up their entire home and lifestyle.  Tons of information about naturally supporting someone who has cancer.  They have a resource page that lists by brand what has worked for them.   He is preparing a course to walk anyone through a cancer diagnosis.  I really like this website and family.

Season Johnson - a mom whose son had ALL/leukemia and thrived through the 3 years of treatment using diet, lifestyle changes, and essential oils. Her website and FB are a wealth of information.   She is also a nutrition/health coach. If interested in essential oils, she shares what oils she used for her son's immune system, nausea, detox, and more.  They will also answer questions within hours if you ask. She also founded a website called KickcancER which also sends a free starter kit to families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer.  Here is her recipe for essential oil blends specifically related to cancer.

Thrive through Cancer podcast - also by Season Johnson

Zuzas Way Integrative Care - warrior mom also that is also a medical provider/integrative oncologist , she shares what she has learned.  Also has a FB page.   Promotes keto diet, nutrition, and supplements to support the body.   She was instrumental in advising us what supplements to use to support our daughter during each phase of treatment and to help with side effects of all the meds.

Dr Nasha - author of Metabolic Approach to Cancer, shares good information to assess your terrain.  Also promotes keto type diet. Also on website to sell premade organic shake pouches.

The Truth About Cancer -  Most detailed information addressing everything cancer.  There is a book with the same name.

Chris Beat Cancer - website and book,  a lot of good nutritional advice from a cancer survivor with this anti-inflammatory diet.   He hosts a free Square One program for free once a year, but you can buy the program anytime.  I bought the DVD set new on ebay for $20.  If you are local to Little Rock, you are welcome to borrow mine.  Extremely helpful information about what nutrition can do to help someone through a cancer journey.  Chris also wrote a book with daily inspirations to encourage and educate you one day at a time called Beat Cancer Daily.  I really enjoyed it.   Also a cookbook with cancer fighter recipes called Beat Cancer Kitchen

Nutrition Facts - Dr Michael Gregor has nutrition information on numerous health topics, not specific to cancer, but founder of the "daily dozen" to health promote family wellness.   Use the search option to find topics related to you.  He also has a book called How Not to Die, which breaks down different cancers and diseases and what scientific data supports the best nutrition for it.

Wellness Mama - good advice about cleaning up diet and home as well as wholesome easy recipes from a regular mom like us.  Not specifically cancer centered, but a good start to detox your home. 

Max Love Connect - a website, FB page, and app that connects you with like minded cancer parents/patients who want to live a healthier life.  You can ask questions or just read and learn.   Great information on nutrition.

Eat To Beat Cancer - MD website about healing with nutrition.   Lots of recipes.  Also has a book by same name with great information.

Believe Big - good website with information about various cancer therapies and  they will help you find an integrative practitioner if you want.  Integrative practitioners can guide you through chemotherapy with various supplements and therapies to support the body.  They work with the conventional therapies/chemo and ensure you do not give something that would counteract the medications you are receiving.  

Believe Big Radio is a weekly podcast developed to help you find answers about integrative cancer treatments and prevention. In each episode, we will take a deep dive into your healing with health experts, integrative practitioners, biblical faith leaders and cancer thrivers from around the globe.


*  Be prepared.   Stock up on food, juicing materials, supplements, etc... before your treatments start.  Think  like you will be exhausted and what will help you the most.  Find somewhere that delivers to you.  Thrive Market delivers nationwide.  We are fortunate to have Whole Foods close enough to deliver.  Try these out before treatment begins.   Can you order Kroger online and have family pick it up curbside for you?  Think detox, hydrate, regular bowel movements, nutrition, and rest as your top priorities.  Keep moving, even if it is a gentle walk as your energy allows.  I bought a small automatic pedal bike for my daughter.  I strapped her feet in and it passively moved her legs as if she were riding a bike just to keep her active.  She was willing, but Vincristine made her legs uncooperative and weak and unable to walk.

* Consider learning to juice.   Make ahead and freeze or designate someone to help with this.   Here is my favorite recipe:  Season Johnson's green juice .  Chris Wark has a good post explaining how and why here.  If you can't juice or don't have the time or energy, then consider a low sugar juice like the Farmer's Juice which is keto friendly and packed with organic dense nutrition.  Your goal is to get as many nutrients in each day as you can. Best juicer is the one you will actually use.  My personal favorite is the Nama Juicer because you can put everything in the top container and walk away.  It is expensive, but typically family members are wanting to help and this would certainly help you get condensed nutrition in your child in a shorter amount of time. Be sure to clean your fruits/vegetables very well since the immune system is compromised on chemotherapy. (Discuss with nutritionist/doctor)

*  Smoothies - my family drinks one each day.   Container 1 has flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, apricot seeds, and pumpkin seeds ground into a fine powder using a coffee grinder and all mixed together. Container 2 has spirulena, matcha, cranberry powder, acai, beet powder, and a mushroom mixture all ground together and in one container.  I buy theses plastic cups with lids and straws so they can be made ahead and placed in the freezer for a week at a time.  I put one tablespoon from each container into each cup then add an approximate 1/4 cup of each: avocado, raspberries, blueberries, dark cherries, and mango.  You can also add cilantro or broccoli sprouts to increase the nutrition.  Just add coconut water or almond milk in the morning and spin them up.   Easy to make ahead.  


* B complex supplement - most people need a good B-complex, but discuss with your doctor.  It needs to be stopped around chemotherapy days using methotrexate.   According to the book Naturpathic Oncology, several other chemotherapy drugs do not go well with B12, so be sure to check.

*  Check Vitamin D levels.  Low levels associated with many diseases, including cancer.   Find out now if you need to begin supplementing.   Optimal levels 60 or above.

* Nutritional genome - a genetic testing company that offers important and fascinating information.   This is how we found out a keto type diet was not right for us  Cost was $299, but worth it.   It told me that my daughter was not a good responder to the ketogenic diet.   It provides: 

  • Personalized grocery list
  • Recommended blood work
  • Toxins / foods to avoid
  • Genetic strengths & weaknesses recap
  • 100 clinically relevant genes (151 SNPs) for a whole body approach to wellness
  • 8 targeted reports profiling Digestion, Energy, Hormones, Stress & Cognitive Performance, Inflammation & Longevity, DNA Repair, Detoxification, and Athletic Performance

 * Plan ahead for hospital stays.  For us, that meant a "go bag" packed with her favorite pillowcase, pajamas, books, toys, filtered water pitcher, EMF blocking blanket, blue blocker glasses so as not to interfere with natural melatonin build up each night, sound machine/Wholetones, flashlight for me so I don't wake her up when I stay up and I used as soon as the nurse walked in so she didn't turn on any lights, tape to cover machine lights or to hold curtains to cover hall windows, condensed food packets/healthy snacks like these that provide healthy fats/proteins:  Super Fat keto pouches , made ahead frozen juiced vegetables/fruit, fresh fruits and vegetables. 

*  Consider CBD oil - I wasn't a fan until my daughter was diagnosed with cancer and had so much pain.   Do your research,,talk to your doctor, and see if it is an option for you.   

* Haelen - a fermented drink.   Call Jordan and ask how it might help you.  It is not cheap, but we were told no probiotics while "counts" were low, but fermented items were ok. This product has an impressive history. Discount for military.

* Healios - a product to have at home before you need it.  It helps with oral mucositis (chemo mouth ulcers).  Developed by an oncologist.  If it is a child who has the cancer, they will give you the first bottle for shipping costs only.   Also buy chemo soft toothbrushes.  You can also rinse with baking soda and water.  Gastrazyme is made from raw cabbage and was recommended for us and helped tremendously.

* Bone broth - full of healing nutrients, especially for the gut.  Make your own or buy these packets to add to warm water and drink each day.  They also make a bone broth protein powder you could make a smoothie with.   I cook noodles in broth and add the powder to almost everything to make every bite count.

* Detox - epsom salt baths, infared sauna, BioMat, sweating, movement/rebounding, hydration

* A friend recommended Transfer Factor Plus to support the immune system.  My entire family takes transfer factors.    

Good articles:

Dr Jockers Top Cancer Stem Cell Killing Nutrients - a must read

Glutathione is extremely important and gets depleted quickly.  Read this to learn more.

Stimulating the lymphatic system is a must, read why and how here.  

These are just a few things to get you thinking and prepared.  Everything may not be right for you, but you need to know there are options. We don't do all of it, but we do the best we can and what is appropriate for us.  Once you go down the rabbit hole, you will find much more.   This was put together quickly to help a friend out.  I will edit and add to it at a later date.  

Remember Proverbs 23:7 "As a man thinks, so he is".  Keep your thoughts positive.  Pray and stay encouraged.  



Disclaimer:  This is informational only and is not a substitute for medical advice.  Discuss with your doctor any interventions you are considering.  You can also ask to discuss supplements with the oncology pharmacist, like we did, to ensure the supplements did not interfere with the chemotherapy.


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