Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kindergarten learning videos

What does your child need to know by the end of Kindergarten??????

In January 2017, when Presley was 5 1/2 years old and halfway through her kindergarten year, I decided to look up exactly what children are supposed to "know" by the end of their first year of school.   I searched many educational websites, and I also looked up what is typical for our state.  Our state has what is called a "refrigerator list" for parents to print and display.  Making homemade learning videos has been a wonderful way to teach my girls and gives the convenience of repetition, which allows them the opportunity to memorize.   We homeschool, so these videos became a learning project for us.  

Presley was already a great reader (4th grade) and knew all her colors, letters, and numbers, so I did not include these in the videos.  I focused on some concepts and seeing if she could implement what she knew.  She understood big and little, but she also needed to be able to apply it when asked in different ways.   I had watched an entire speech therapy evaluation (and took notes) and I noticed this is what they focused on alot. 

The first video includes topics such as: 

Pledge of Allegiance, colors of the rainbow, drawing a face, left vs right, living vs non-living things, sequencing (put in order: first, next, last), counting (1-10 10 to 1, by 2's, by 10's, 1-100), American symbols, yours/mine, his/hers, alike/different, matching letter sounds, small/big, piano keys, basic math examples, money identification, solid to liquid by ice melting, five senses, more/less, empty/full, and heavy/light.

Kindergarten Part 1

The second video includes topics such as:

Following directions, which is broken, big/little, reflection in mirror, math symbols, sequencing, low/high, five senses, counting, mine/yours, which is not an animal, map details (land, water, directions), counting by 2's, job cards (understanding what they mean), big/small, stand & hop following directions, which is different, matching shapes, alike/different, crossing a street safely, weather (cloudy, rainy, tornado,....), more/less, music cards, apple core, types of fish, doing chores/being helpful, jumping to identify letter sounds, things you see in the sky, near/far, stacking items, musical instruments, and Arkansas symbols (flag, bird, tree...).

Kindergarten Part 2


This video is all about opposites.  We made it last year, but thought it would be good to put with the kindergarten videos.

Opposites Movie

This video is just an extra we made two years ago, it has a variety of learning, such as addition, states & capitals, what to expect at the doctors office (I used a video through Payton's entire well check up to familiarize Presley how fun it could be), manners, chores, how to help at the grocery store, brushing your teeth, fruit vs vegetable, helping in the kitchen, and asking for help.  It runs much longer than the others at 50 minutes.

Life & Learning

Kindergarten review:  
This was made at my daughter's wish while they were playing outside without any planning. They did pretty well for just playing with dolls.   This video includes WH questions, counting by 10's, clockwise/counterclockwise, basic addition math, counting to 100, making 2 equal groups, making a new shape out of 2 smaller shapes, body parts, place value, manners, coin values, months of the year, today/yesterday/tomorrow, more or less, far/near, and concepts such as in, out, above, under, inside, etc...  ENJOY!

We will continue to make these for each year of school.  I hope you find these helpful.   I always welcome your ideas and input.  You can also follow us on facebook at 3of21 to see other topics and updates by Tricia and I. 



  1. Oliver loves these videos! Thanks for putting them together. :D

  2. Our boy Jack loves these videos! Every time he prays for people he loves, he finishes with "Payton and Presley in the videos, amen."