Saturday, June 29, 2013

Iron deficiency follow up

See previous post labeled "Iron Deficiency" to read where we started this journey or click  At our follow up, we needed to see how Presley's iron levels had responded to supplementation using Floradix.  Presley initially did extremely well taking the strong tasting Floradix in her almond butter, applesauce, and others meals, but the last two months she became tired of it.  I began placing it in her goat milk smoothie.  She will tolerate a lot of different things in her smoothie and thankfully this was no different.  The issue is that iron will not be absorbed as well when given with dairy.  At this point of her new found independence, I was just glad I was still able to get it down her.  I continued to add the liquid Vitamin C, which helps with iron absorption.  Presley also struggled with the constipation occasionally while using the Floradix, but the thermos cereal was helpful.   We also added an entire apple, without the peel, to her morning smoothies.

We ordered a follow up complete blood count (CBC), iron level (Fe), ferritin (amount of stored iron), and reticulocyte count (measures how rapidly immature cells are being made by the bone marrow).  Our initial iron level was down to 24 at 18 months old.  Children's hospital lab sheet shows normal levels at 30-60, but several medical sites raise the upper limits to around 120.  Presley's current iron level at 2 years old is now at 115, and her ferritin level is 16.2 (10-60 normal).  I was greatly concerned about the morphology of the red blood cells after the first blood draw.  Previously, there were many abnormalities such as target cells, smear cells, smudge cells, etc.., but this time it was labeled "normal morphology" and did not require a manual diff.  We will recheck in 3-6 months to see how levels stay without further iron supplementing.  We recently began EGCG (green tea extract), and this has properties to interfere with iron absorption.  Also, we never discontinued or modified the circumin she is on, since it is very important for her, but this also has iron chelating properties.  I feel like we have taken a step in the right direction for now, and God has smiled upon her again.  Many blessings, Robin

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