Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This program may be utilized as an adjunct to the traditional therapies.  This is usually an out of pocket expense not covered by insurance.  The closest office to our location in Arkansas is near Dallas, Texas and associated with the National Association of Child Development (NACD).  This program requires a moderate amount of time each day dedicated to your child.  It can be started as an infant or when the child is older.  It gives the parents a daily list of activities to perform with your child that is personally tailored just for him or her. This is a combined program of physical therapy, occupational therapy, developemental therapy, speech therapy, sensory integration, nutritional, therapeutic listening, and more.  I can not say enough great things about how this program has benefitted our children and empowered us as parents to take control and influence our children's future.  It is an investment you won't regret.  There are several programs out there to include NACD, ICAN, and the IAHP. 
NACD: The National Association for Child Development, under the direction of founder Robert J. Doman Jr., has, over its twenty-nine years of existence and work with over 30,000 clients, developed a unique and effective view of and approach to enhancing the development and function of children and adults. Because the fields of education and health care have become more and more compartmentalized in recent years, and treatment approaches are driven more by symptom and label rather than by cause, their methods often fail to serve the uniqueness and totality of the individual. NACD has created an approach to human development, the achievement of human potential, and the remediation of developmental, educational, and neurological problems that is based upon the gestalt of the individual. Our Neurodevelopmental Approach utilizes a neurologically-based, individually targeted, eclectic treatment methodology. The efficacy of NACD's Neurodevelopmental Perspective has been demonstrated with over 30,000 clients—from infant to geriatric—whose function has ranged from comatose to gifted.  Learn more information at http://www.nacd.org/.

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