Sunday, June 5, 2016

Language Pyramid from Gemiini

In 2014 Laura Kasbar's speech and language program that she created became available to all of us.  Gemiini, which offters educational videos for people on the autism spectrum, brain injuries, Down syndrome and other types of learning disabilities.

After Emma started showing signs of echolalia we thought it would be a great addition to our daily routine.  Gemiini has certainly proven that video modeling intervention is one of the most effective way to promote speech.  Studies have proven that video modeling is a viable intervention.

Video modeling and word identification in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

To best describe what Gemiini is and why is was created please check out this video.

Recently Gemiini created a series of videos called The Language Pyramid-Growing a Confident Communicator, which illustrates the language development process.  Please take the time to watch these short videos for better understanding.

Video 1:  The Language Pyramid-Growing a Confident Communicator

Video 2:  Sparking Imitation

Video 3:  Animal Noises

Video 4:  Basic Word Labels

Video 5:  First Action Words

Video 6:  Putting Sentences Together

Video 7:  More Action Words-Tenses and Pronouns

Video 8:  Modifiers

Video 9:  Chunking with Phrases

Video 10:  Conversation Builders

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